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Attorneys from Bush Rudnicki Shelton have received an “A-V” rating in the Martindale Hubbell Legal Directory, the highest rating possible, based on the survey results from other attorneys in the North Texas legal community. This rating is based on the firm’s litigation and appellant experience as well as the ability to represent clients aggressively and vigorously in trial court, arbitration, mediation or the appellant process. Our lawyers are well-equipped and experienced in the prosecution or defense of our clients’ rights in all state and federal courts throughout Texas.

The attorneys at Bush Rudnicki Shelton litigate in a wide range of matters for both plaintiffs and defendants, including such topics as:

  • Insurance Coverage Disputes

  • Bad Faith Claims

  • Title Insurance Defense

  • Construction Claims

  • Business Torts

  • Consumer Protection

  • Contractual Issues

  • Commercial Litigation

  • Products’ Liability

  • Real Estate Issues

  • Litigation Involving Securities and Corporate Officers

While many defense oriented law firms adopt the posture of waiting out the plaintiffs, Bush Rudnicki Shelton takes a different approach. The firm typically takes a proactive approach, taking control of the case from the plaintiff and their litigation schedule. Instead of “waiting out” the plaintiff, the firm feels that this tactic not only causes undue expense but often leads to careless mistakes, difficulties completing discovery and overall lack of due diligence. Bush Rudnicki Shelton adopts a more aggressive posture that typically expedites the conclusion of the case.

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